Top New Bingo Sites to Try

Bingo has grown from a simple game to play after school to one of the most-played games in the world. Online bingo exploded over the past few years into one of the primary sources of betting and entertainment on the internet.

Many online bingo sites have been around for years, but there are a few newcomers that I felt the need to mention. These new bingo sites show great promise and grow more popular every day. I’ll give you a quick overview of why that is:

Rosy Bingo

Rosy Bingo opened less than a year ago in March of 2018. In a short period, they’ve shown extreme promise and understanding of the online betting world.

If you found them previously, you may know of them as Rehab Bingo. That’s the name they used to go by before changing their name and style to what they have now at Rosy Bingo. The revisions to their site and gaming promotions bolstered their reputation to the point where we had to acknowledge them.

Rosy Bingo’s new player offer provides you with many benefits. So long as you make your first deposit within two days of signing up, you will receive double the bingo bonus. The bigger your first deposit, the more benefit you gain from this offer.

Rosy Bingo features Microgaming slots and casino games as well, giving you plenty of fun options to work with!

Sundae Bingo

Sundae Bingo starts you off with a huge kick. By depositing just £10, you gain bingo tickets worth £70 for free. On top of that, you’ll also earn ten free spins.

Sundae Bingo features more game options than any other site I’ve come across. They opened their website to the public in June 2018. They already have hoards flocking to their site thanks to the game variety. No matter your gaming interest, Sundae Bingo will have something you will enjoy.

One the most favorable features provided by Sundae Bingo is there are no requirements for wagering. You can place any wager you like, and they will process it.

Bingo Besties

Bingo Besties opened in February 2018. They attracted their first group of customers with a fantastic name and a massive welcome bonus. You can earn up to £100 for free just by signing up and leaving a minimum deposit of £10.

Once you’ve signed up for Bingo Besties, you will earn 50 slot spins for free every single day!

What’s more, Bingo Besties comes with no wagering or withdrawal limits at all. The number of benefits provided is endless.

Ramses Casino

Ramses Casino has the most unique online bingo sites out there. The Egyptian theme provided by Ramses Casino will keep you attracted and interested by aesthetics alone.

As if you needed more than that, their welcome bonus can earn you anywhere up to £900 absolutely free! No other online bingo site, old or new, has a welcome bonus that high.

The site is more competitive than others and offers live casino and slot games. However, the longer you remain a member of Ramses Casino, the more benefits you can earn through their loyalty point system.

These are a few of the many fantastic new bingo sites to try out there. For more information on various online bingo sites, check this out:

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