Horse Racing Techniques

The most widely used horse racing techniques

Horse racing can be analyzed in different ways and Horse Racing Techniques are based on how we can approach the market in different ways. Some people prefer to analyze only the quantitative side of the market, that is, they do not worry about streaming (video of the race), worrying only about the volume of money that moves in the market, paying little attention to the supports and resistances created by other bettors, regardless of what is actually happening in the race.

With that they do not need to have any knowledge of the sport itself and work much more similar to the stock exchange, being at ease with speculations, ie, bettors with more financial capacity (more money, larger banks) in some situations is so much money that they can manipulate the market and can mislead.

Other people, as is the case of what we are going to explain in this course, we analyze the two sides, the side of the market and also the qualitative side, that is, the analysis of the race, the way the horses are going, if they are well or bad, if they have already made some moves that can influence the market and other things that I will teach you later in the advanced course of horse racing.

It is important to get a good analysis of the race not to be surprised by market manipulations or bluffs, not to enter in favor of horses that are jumping badly because it has the risk of falling and we lose our operations, among other situations. To work markets and races we can work in various ways: Techniques in horse racing.

Back to the winner

In this case one of the horse racing techniques we work with is the one that has to do with entering in favor of the horse we think is going to win the race, taking advantage of the downward movements of the horse. As we are not bettors, but traders, we are always guaranteeing the benefit of the movements in our favor, whether it is a big movement or a shorter movement. The horse may not win the race but if our analysis is good the market has to move in our favor, because if the horse goes well the probability of winning increases, making the quota decrease.

Lay to the loser

Being a large part of horse races composed of several horses, mostly more than 6 / 7 runners, the probability of success with this technique is greater, because only one horse wins the race and the rest are losers, however, the risk is usually very high.

This is the way of working that we recommend initially to those who are starting in this sport, following the indicators and/or signs that the horses are “showing” us, pointing out that they are going to lose the race, since they are much easier to see and interpret, than to make the analysis to know who can be the winning horse. As such, initially, in the course, we will learn how to analyze the indicators of the winning horse because it is one of the techniques in horse racing that gives us more consistency in the long term.

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