Digital Casino


Online casinos are virtual versions of the classic games found in traditional casinos. Players can choose from a wide range of games, and play online through a simple internet connection. As with real casinos, virtual casinos also offer a range of bonuses and incentives to all users, while the winning percentages differ according to the site and also according to the type of game.

A long time ago, to gamble you had to go to a physical gaming room, but today the fun is at hand, because there are online casinos. The Internet offers several possibilities for gambling through a simple fast connection, now available everywhere and especially available to anyone.

In recent years has been eliminated the need to go to a real casino, as the presence of proposals for gambling, or gambling, provides, for each type of player, many services available to everyone, with great potential, and playing at the online rooms that operate on the Italian market, and you can then spend your free time betting on different forms of entertainment.


Before starting, it is advisable to look for multimedia platforms operating on the Italian market that are AAMS certified, which stands for State Administration of State Monopolies, and its main objective is to ensure that all potential Italian gamblers can approach online gambling in complete peace of mind.

Online casinos to operate must have received confirmation to operate through a license, issued by the same AAMS, which certifies that the gaming room in question operates in accordance with the rules and laws set by the local jurisdiction.

The AAM carries out numerous random checks, in which it routinely checks that the values of the online casino under observation do not exceed the limits, and also, it is verified that the movements of play are regular, and especially that a certain percentage of daily cashes of the casino is returned in the form of winnings to the customer. In the event that any company does not comply with these laws will face a fine, or even a steep closure.

For fans of traditional gambling there will be nothing but an embarrassment of choice. There is no shortage of card games. Above all, Poker is the king of disciplines with cards, you can find it in different variants, starting with classic poker and coming up to Texas Hold’em. Even the Black Jack, where in addition to a strategy, you must also play cunning to be able to predict the moves well in advance. Lately have also been launched several Skill Games, or card games and skill, which reproduce classic games, such as, Scopa or Seven and a half.

Another proposal always present is that related to slot machines. Online Video Slots can not miss them too, today they are everywhere and their simplicity makes them among the proposals most sought after by customers, newbies and not. With the passing of the years the Slot Machines sector has been renewed, offering more and more variables and, above all, proposing original and particular themes, such as the Video Slots dedicated to cinema, sport, the world of superheroes, or the more classic ones with animals and cards and all, of course, just a click away.

There are also some online casinos that combine the offer of games, that of sports betting, which this sector offers hundreds of events every day, and between a hand and another at Poker, you can also decide to make a bet comfortably to increase your deposit account. It is recommended in this case, to check first if he has some interesting bonus available to take advantage of so as to allow you to have the facilities.

Getting started in online casinos is very easy and intuitive.

To begin with, first of all you have to choose the site that interests you most, and secondly, once decided, you will need to create an account. Once you receive the confirmation email, and then once your profile is validated, you will find a deposit account in your control panel, where you can watch your money movements at any time. For registration it is essential to have a rechargeable card, where the transition from account to rechargeable is immediate.

Online casinos often provide new members with many welcome bonuses. It is advisable to find the bonus that will do most to your case, because for example, first of all, using it will allow you to start playing with money not yours, so you can make mistakes in peace, and in the meantime you can try to develop your own strategy of play.

It is recommended to develop your own style of play, because it will allow you in the future, as you experience to earn more and more from your bets. It is important to keep in mind that the bonuses are not limited only to new members, very often, in the sites of reference, you will find very convenient offers momentary, which will be difficult to want to escape.

The games made through bonuses will produce a win or a loss, where in the first case, you can not logically download the money, since it was not bet by you, but in the second case you can recover the wrong moves losing money not yours. In both options, you will be given the opportunity to play sometimes risking your bet, it will serve to accumulate as much experience as possible for when you then switch to play with your money.

To date, the offer of online casinos AAMS has been greatly enriched by the introduction of new features that follow the advancement of technology, enabling customers to take advantage of a range of services offered on the network, anywhere and anytime.

Thanks to this, everyone who has a mobile device, such as the tablet, the smartphone, can interact directly from the web browser to bet or play at any time of day. In some cases there may be a need to download free web applications available, but once this is done, you can find the gaming experience very fast and intuitive by connecting the rechargeable card to the profile on the store.

You will find, among the services currently available on mobile devices, such as Roulette, the classic Black Jack, various Video Poker and different titles Slot Machine.

Bets will always be tracked and on your deposit account you can find reports of all your money movements. You can be sure that AAMS and safe gaming are an inseparable pair to protect the consumer, for an increasingly fun and relaxing gaming experience.


When it comes to games of chance, which unlike some specific games, such as Poker, where the player can use their experience and skill to win in the long run, the other games prevails randomness, which is the first feature that makes the difference between winning and losing, but still need a good knowledge, a certain intuition and especially to be able to play responsibly.

All players have high expectations of winning, and online casinos offer a variety of games quite complete, but only games allowed by Italian law, ie by the AAMS, such as Slot Machines, Roulette, Poker where you can decide the bets and demonstrate their skill without relying entirely on luck, then among other games there is Arcade, Blackjack, Bingo, betting and more.

Until now, there are many sites on the Internet that allow you to make money with online casinos.

To play you will need to make a deposit if you want to collect a winnings obtained with the initial bonus.

You can also rely on sites that give free advice that could help you earn immediately and easily.

Before you start playing and trying to earn, it is advisable to rely on licensed online casinos, and avoid all sites that, for one reason or another, seem unprofessional or suspicious, and only play in casinos that give deposit bonuses, then you should make sure that the sites have secure servers with SSL certificate, or Secure Sockets Layer, which is a protocol designed to allow applications to transmit information securely and securely.

It will also be important to look for an online casino that gives a no deposit bonus. Keep in mind that there may be a need to calculate the revenue that will have to be taxed, because the casino does not always do it automatically, so you will have to do it in your tax return. One important thing is not to turn the game into an addiction, you should know how to stop in time.

Earning with online casinos is possible, it’s not always just another way to throw your money away unnecessarily.

There are hundreds of sites that offer free stratagems to win with the online casino. Logically, it will not be possible in the long run to continue to earn money playing with online casinos, as the statistical odds of winning are always lower than the odds of losing, because if it were not, the manager of the casino could not earn.

When playing, you should also bear in mind that online casinos have a maximum bet limit, which may limit bets to a few hundred euros, for example.

Another way to earn money with online casinos is to advertise them with banners, which means you only have to place the banner of the online casino, which will pay a percentage of the money that players load into their deposit accounts.

Players who continue to bet, could eventually load hundreds and hundreds of euros over time, so you can earn a good commission.

Then, to increase profits, there may also be the possibility of creating a website, which contains tips and tricks on how to earn with online casinos, and then you can place banners of those on which you have played personally and, therefore, you have found that they are safe and pay on time, and finally, there may be the opportunity to inform and advise the surfers of the different online casino sites on the Internet.

Clearly, if you really want to make money with online casinos, there are no shortcuts or magic formulas.

You will have to make an effort and take roads in which you decide your own fate and that therefore you will not rely solely on fate.